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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Intimate Story - Sweet Summer, Sweetly Sexy

So who said that sweet can't be sexy? It's summer time and colours make people happy! Girls, the sweet season can bring you joy, comfort and even a hint of sexy naughty element. The pastel colours or floral patterns just make every part of you so much more feminine and sweetly sexy! :)

Ribbons, lace, polka dots and sweet colors - aren't they all lovely?

I personally always believe that having a comfort lingerie set is very important for us female. It's the most intimate cloth on us, and having the right fit will sculp a nice shape out of us~! :)
P.S: I am quite crazy over lingerie. I am willing to spend to get the good & comfort ones, and of course - that make me feel good and sexy too! hehehe* ;p

This is one of my favourite brand - Wacoal. Their 2013 Spring/Summer designs! <3

Hope you girls all love the intimacy! <3 <3