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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Funky Patterns Funky Me!

Some months ago when I was browsing through fashion magazines, I saw that prints are getting back in style. Not refering to animal prints this time. It's the colourful geometric prints! :) Not a safe option that most ladies will go for, but it is undeniable that the loud colours and the artsy-futsy patterns are really eye-catching. The colourful geometric patterns combine the elements of cool and fun, but in Asian context, people might try to avoid due to the rather shy nature of our character. But frankly, I think that the outstanding colours do look really good on the Asian skin.

In the west, designers come out with patterns and even clashes of patterns, in a way to let the modern and versatile women to show their bold, independent and fun-filled character. Not a sweet look that many of my friends will go for, but it's something special that I don't mind having one of two pieces in my wardrobe. :)

Bold Clashes of Patterns:

For those of you who likes the colours and patterns, one less stressful way to start with would be the colourful printed legging. Pair with a simple top, or an oversized T-shirt, or even a plain collared shirt with a simple thin belt, mix and match and you'll find your very own style. P.S: The effect of having a looser top will give your legs a slimmer look. Try it out!


P.S: I just bought a bold red dress with patterns. Will share a photo with you girls next time! ;)