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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty Tips: The Wonderful Ice Cubes

Korean actress Song Hyu Kyu massages her face with ice cube to make it smaller!

Ever wonder how can the movie stars have such a flawless skin that glow and shine all the time? The magic does not only lies in BB cream or concealer. Let me share my secret with you girls - Ice.

When I was a teenager, I have super oily face as I went through my puberty stage. And under the hot weather, the oily face and the huge pores make me feel ugly everytime when I look at the mirror. And worst of all, when the pimples pop out, every time in my T-zone, standing right middle of my nose or forehead, I don't even want to look into the mirror.

Until I read this beauty tips from megazine - Icing your skin can help improve circulation, tone up your skin and ward off wrinkles & pimples. Since a young girl at my age then couldn't afford any expensive skin care products at that time, I decided to try on and until today I have no regrets! It works wonderfully and it's as simple as A-B-C.

1. Shrink away your Pimple

Holding ice on a pesky pimple can get the red out as it helps to decreases inflammation. What I normally do it to wrap an ice cube with a clean handkerchief and hold against affected area for 5-10 minutes. The redness will go away, at least not so obvious, and you'll see the results immediately after that!

2. Glow your skin

Before patting foundation or BB cream over your face, run an ice cube over your face focusing on areas with enlarged pores (most probably your T-zone). The cold water will help tighten up your pores and minimize their appearance under makeup. You'll get the extra smooth result after that with your BB cream on!

(p.s: I have to admit I am lazy in the morning as most of the days I wake up just in time to rush for work. So instead of using ice cube, I rinse my face with the bottle of cold water which I normally store in the fridge. It not only wakes me up immediately, and that gives me a nice glowing smooth skin after my make up!)

With make up on when your pores are tightened, you'll notice that you'll have less blakcheads and outbreaks as it's easier to clean your makeup when you get home!

3. No More Puffy Eyes

You can use ice cube here, but I prefer using a frozen slice of cucumber. Normally I store a few pieces of clean cucumber in my freezer and I use them on my eyes when I have puffy eyes. When my alarm rang, I walked to the fridge and get 2 slices, walked back and lie down again with the cucumber on my eyes, 5 minutes later - tadaa! I am awaked with my pretty eyes again!

Make it a routine in your daily skin care. You'll definitely see the difference!

P.S: In most of the Southeast Asian countries, we have super hot and humid weather. Especially when I was in Malaysia, I saw many people munching ice whenever we have meals out in the hot weather. It's easy to get within budget, and it quench your thirst and heat in a wonderful way! One of my Malaysian friends' favourite desserts - Ice Kacang (In Malay - it means shaved ice with nuts). They usually come with colours (with different colour syrups poured over the mountain of ice) and below the ice mountain you can find treasures including red beans, sweet corns, nutes, jelly etc. Any of you coming to Malaysia or Singapore, don't miss it!