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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Make it Perfect

Although all in Asia, ladies from different countries exhibit very different character and lifestyle. Just looking at what food they consume, it's not difficult to notice how differently they lead their lives. The Japanese Sushi, the Korean Kimchi, the Chinese Dumplings, and the list continues. Looking at how they dress up themselves, despite similarity in some fashion trend, each influencing each other, the basic and the focus are normally vastly different.

I used to have roommates coming from all different Asian countries. The Koreans think that it's a respect for themselves to put on make-up and dress up nicely every time they leave their home. Same to the Taiwanese. I had this very sweet Taiwanese roommate, she has to put on eyeliner and a few layers of fake eyelashes, even just going downstairs to buy her groceries. Some people might think that they are over-doing it. But who is these people to judge? If putting on make up, appropriately, can make someone confident and happy, what is the big deal?

To me, I think, and I believe, confidence come from inner self. But, that alone is not enough. Take a bit of time everyday before you leave home, a nice dress, some make-up, and nice hair - nothing expensive nothing fancy, but the glow in you will shine your day.

Here's a video I'd like to share, it shows that there's never ugly ladies in this world, but only the lazy ones! Ladies, let's stand up and shine together! :)

P.S: Practice make perfect. I used to spend at least 30-minute in front of the mirror just to put on simple eye make-up. But now, 10 minutes and I am ready to go! Remember, put on a smile as well! <3