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Monday, 8 April 2013

Accessories Craze

It has been noticeable that ladies are getting more sophisticated by adding accessories into their daily wear. Pairing with different accessories gives a very different effect, and thus equips your wardrobe much efficiently. A same blouse, with different necklaces, or even with or without a belt, gives fashion a whole different statement.

In Japan and South Korea, majority of the accessories are very sweet and girly. Most of them are made up from lace, pearls, ribbons, crystals and many times you see flowers and ribbons everywhere. Taiwanese are quite influenced by them, but from what I noticed, they are generally more conservative in term of the girly factor. Usually, with the Japanese & Korean accessories, you just have to combine with a very natural make-up, you’ll definitely be sweet enough for the day. And tips for this look -> go with a light-colored super juicy shiny lip gloss that pumps up your lips!
Korean Style Accessories: Sweet & Girly <3

In Thailand and Malaysia, other than the sweet Japanese & Korean accessories, they add in a little bit of ethnic’s flavor, and a little combination of the western culture. Probably because these markets have more tourists coming from western countries, they have quite a good market selling all the bigger size clothing and chunky accessories, catering to the tourists. It’s only until recent years where there’s huge increase in tourists from China when I see more shop selling Korean fashion and accessories.

Bangkok Chatuchak Market: Varieties with affordable prices!

In Singapore, it’s very cosmopolitan. The K-pop fans and the J-pop fans are everywhere. And there’s a group who follows the American/British fashion, where you see them in chunky necklace, spiked heels, big leather bags etc. If you want me to generalize the Singapore style, most of the ladies take priority in investing in this very expensive accessory – branded bag. Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuiton, you see them everywhere.

In Singapore: Bag can be a statement
Next time, I will share with you girls on specific accesories in more detail! Stay tuned! ;)