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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Love for Mr. Porky - Manipuri Pork Fry

I love to be pretty. But, in the modern definition, many people tell me that you have to stay slim to stay pretty. Some of the girls I know will starve themselves to stay slim. Some of them even have to count the calories before they put any food into their mouth. I totally don't agree with that. Pretty and Beauty is not just about being slim. It's the aura that comes out from the inner you, the confidence that shines, the personality that make yourself wonderful. And food can be a miracle. They make me smile no matter how tough my day has been. They give me energy to fight. Having good food with your love one(s), it is always, always incredible. 

Never fail to pamper me, I had this amazing home cooked Manipuri Pork Fry for dinner. The spice, the ginger, the onion, and the amazing Mr. Pork, how can anyone resist such delicious yummy meal!

Mr. Porky. A very special type of meat that so many people are crazy of. I've been to many countries, and a lot of them have their own special style. The Chinese love pork and they have thousands type of preparing a nice pork dishes. The Korean loves to BBQ them. The Japanese fry them, or cook them in the shabu-shabu hotpot. And so many more to share! I just have to admit, my love for Mr. Porky, irreplaceable. :)

Pic 1: Korean BBQ with marinated spicy chicken and Pork! Super Yummy!
Pic 2: In Malaysia, they cook minced pork in dark soya sause and onions, topping on to rice vermicelli. They serve with 'pork ball' in soup. I love that as well that's on my top list whenever I visit Malaysia.
Pic 3: The Cantonese style Chinese restaurant serves very good roast pork. With the crunchy pork skin, and the nicely seasoned meat with some combination of fat = perfect!

So, I am also a food lover. :) Mr. Porky's lover. <3

Will share more with you next time, as I have to stop here before I start drooling looking at all my food photos. Just remember, healthy eating means everything in moderation. Don't overeat as you won't enjoy as much. And healthy lifestyle means you have to exercise as well to tone up yourself! (Alright I better go to the gym now!)