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Monday, 6 May 2013

Juicy Lips - The Gradient

Ever wonder how they have such a juicy pout? :)

Lip gloss is one of the key to make your lips look smooth and juicy. But for the 'pout' effect, the Koreans are good in combining the colours and make their lips more interestingly juicy. The usual way of doing it is to mix at least 2 colours of lip gloss, with the darker shades applied in the inner part of the lips, and smooth evenly with a shiny clear or light pink lip gloss. This is what they called it a gradient lip! Some of the more bold look is to use the darker shades at the outer lips, but I personally prefer find that a little bit too 'bold'.

I bought a 'lip tint' from a Korean Cosmetic shop some time ago and I was wondering how that works - until I learnt online it actually creates a nice gradient lips easily. You can use 2 different shades of lip glosses to create that effect as well, but my personal experience is the using the lip tint can last me much longer for the day. Try it out! <3

** Try that out! It gives you a naturally pout look - simple and sweet! ;)