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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Versatile Lace - The Doll vs. The Princess

In Japan, there has been a trend to doll yourself up - really like a doll. The common traits are  - chestnut color hair, thick eyeliner to make your eyes big and round, pale face and lips with a hint of blusher, and a lace lacey sweet dress. Many of them buy the coloured contact lens that make their eyes (pupils) look much brighter and bigger, and some even with colours. The whole make up is to emphasize on the big and round eyes and the sweet lace dress.

The Japanese Doll look:

The Koreans prefer to look more like a princess. A sweet  lace dress do the work. They go with different makeup, sweet and simple, and many a times they pair with pearls accessories. It's more dainty and I have a few pieces where I wear to work sometimes!

The Korean Princess Look:

So which one do you prefer?

For me - when I was younger I had the thought of making myself like a doll. Round big eyes, nut colour hair and a lace dress. But that was all in my younger days! ;)

>> Stay tuned for the Party Lace soon! <3