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Friday, 5 April 2013

Naughty Neon!

Festive of Holi. Let’s talk about colours! We often get so comfortable with neutral colours - black & white, white & grey, simple and easy to match. Many of us are still not comfortable in wearing loud colours for the bang effect, probably that’s because as Asians we are still relatively reserved.

It has been a while since I’ve spotted neon colours in the crowds. The colours were back in trend 2 years back and I still remember seeing the striking colours 1 year ago when I went for my shopping trip in South Korea. It’s something very catchy, but I have to say that someone has to be quite daring to bring out the striking colours. It took me quite some time to try on, until I bought my really bright yellow bag a few months back, I started to like the striking effect! The brightness not only adds a glow to your fashion sense but also brighten up your day!

In Korea, girls are quite adventurous with colours and prints. Even in their MVs, which you’ve probably noticed while watching The Gangnam Style MV, the usage of colours combination adds in a very funky feel!
                                Pretty K-pop HyunA in Gangnam Style MV :)

Matching the colours appropriately will give you the look you want to achieve. Some of the girls I saw on street wear a full suit of neon combination, looking really cool and funky. As I am more reserved in that, I find it rather sweet by just adding a little hint of neon or really bright colour accessories to my rather plain dressings  - sometimes I go to work formally dressed with my neon nail colours, and sometimes I go shopping in t-shirt and jeans paired with my super bright yellow bag! And last night, I went to the gym running in my neon orange running t-shirt! P.S: Yesterday I saw this lady wearing a baggy t-shirt with a bright pink leggings -  I love that look!

Tips: A little bit of colour makes you fun-loving. But over-doing can be scary. My advice is to start with the bright coloured accessories! Just a bit of brightness, you’ll see the amazing effect! Girls, try out and share with us how you like it! ;)

Neon Style in the other Asian Cities:
P.S: On my way to work this morning, I saw this man in jeans wearing a pair of shoes with neon yellow shoe lace. Super cool! And 5 minutes ago when I was walking back to office from lunch, I noticed a few ladies wearing neon colour skinny jeans! ;)