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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Big Bun Theory 1 - Not any normal Bun

When I was young I always think it's mature and elegant to have a hair bun. I always wonder how people do up such a nice and tidy bun, while my pony tail was not even thick enough. As I grow up, my hair gets longer and longer, I am excited and eager to have a bun for myself. But after so many attempts, I decided to keep that thought aside, as my effort to get a nice bun was always futile. It either ended up like a volcano, or it just get too messy to deal with. Until two years back, my Taiwanese housemate bought me a bun helper, I had so much fun and bun has been one of my favorite look nowadays. Girls, remember, accessorize your bun to create the feel you want! :)

This is the bun helper that my housemate bought for me from Taiwan:

It is a sponge with wire inside. The sponge give the hair more volume, while the wire keep the bun firm! Very easy to use! <3

Tips: If you want to position your bun higher, tie the pony tail higher and remember to coil it tighter, and use a few hair pins to pin them nicely!

Add in accessories and you're look fabulous! ;) Here're some personal collections on my hair accessories I got from Thailand, Malaysia, and the pink and red flowers on the left are from my Taiwanese housemate!

P.S: Girls, if any of you are looking for the bun helper, feel free to email me!

P.S.S: I did my bun today and my colleague said I look like a Korean doll! :) hehehe