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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Summer Big Tee

Summer time! The big hot sun just cracked the land. As I walk out of my office, I melted and started to evaporate. How to stay cool & pretty?

Instead of going for tight fitting clothes, I always love the Big Tee. At least that is how I call it. A big baggy top, let the air flow in and out freely to ventilate your body heat. Sweat gets to evaporate faster, and I won't get so grumpy with my sticky body and oily face. :)

But - that looks very casual. Too casual for some occasion. Does it mean that it isn't as cool if you're putting on something cooling? Not at all! Add in accessories and create your style! A belt, necklace, or a bag! Look at the impact of having the accessories on!

A: Street style - Pair with denim shorts and sneakers. Cool look!
B: If your big blouse has unique patterns, just go with a simple pale color jeans/leggings. Add in a striking belt to show a little feminine waist of yours!
C: Tuck in your big blouse or Big T. Add in a belt. A more manly look but still looking cool!
D: Street diva - Big earings, Big T, and a nice smile :)

Gorgeous Divas, thank you for the support so far! More trendy fashions on the way! <3