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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Versatile Lace

Every little girl has a princess dream. Living happily ever after with the Prince Charming in her life. And when comes to the romantic dream, ribbons and lace, full of fantasy, full of hope, and how charming lace can be to make you feel like a girl, and even a woman.

Not just sweet, the elegance in it make it so versatile. You can pair with a pencil skirt to go formal, you can pair with jeans/shorts to go casual. Who said lace is just for cute little girls? We flaunt it with the very feminine side of us as woman, and it's up to your inner aura to bring out your personality from the thin layer of beautiful fabric.

Go Formal: Pair with skirts, or tight pants. The body-hugging lace will bring out your curve and shape. Formal, presentable, elegant and charming. Show yourself off! :)
P.S: I have quite a lot of lacey working clothes. <3

Go Casual: Jeans. Always fit. Pair with some accessories, and the right bag to bring out the right feel. Comfortable and light weighted as well!

More looks on lace! Stay tuned!

>>>> To be continued :)