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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wonders of Eyeliner - Part 1

Lucky me! I used to have a Korean housemate and I learnt useful makeup tips from her. She told me that there are a few items that you will never want to leave your house without - BB Cream, eyeliner, mascara and their lip-gloss. Looking at her putting her makeup every morning, I realised that she spends most of the time drawing the super cool eyeliner. And if you girls look at all the K-pop posters, it’s not difficult to notice that their sparkly eyes are very different from the westerners, and the Korean girls shine in their own fabulous way!

The little bottle of liquid eyeliner did wonderful jobs for her. No matter how sleepy and puffy her eyes are, within 5 minutes, the liquid eyeliner never fails to make her look like a goddess. The difference between the gel liquid eyeliner is that it is thin, and it gives you a very well defined line, which bring out the sparks and spirits in you. Unlike the pencils, the gel liner leaves a shiny and defined effect, very easy to use, and bling bling here you go!

Tips #1: Different ways of drawings (they called it different ‘tails’) can give a complete different look, and once you master the skill, you’ll start to love your eyes, for sure. I went through lots of practices, so girls, don’t be lazy, don’t get frustrated, it’s all SUPER worth it once you master this amazing drawing skill!
Tips #2: Pair it with different eye shadow and you can create all the different looks from sweet to sexy! Girls, remember to finish your eye make-up with a mascara and shine with confidence!

Practice makes perfect, practice makes you wonderful! Girls, stay pretty and have fun!

More to share soon! <3