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Friday, 19 April 2013

Fancy Wedges Fancy Shoes!

A good pair of shoes will walk you through your journey. The traditional women used to cover as much as they could, and in some culture, revealing your toes can be inappropriate and rude. But nowadays, people go for pedicure, having nice toe-nails colours, and flaunt their feet in  different types of pretty shoes. And this time, I'm going to share a bit about Wedges, where the shoes make you taller immediately, and it's slightly more comfortable than the super high heels.


They aren't new in the market. But if you notice, they are not the ordinary Wedges I am talking about. Look at their platforms - isn't their colours lovely? :) Adding the colours bring a more lively look, and who say wedges can't make you look sexy! 

With the colourful platforms, it's usually more casual. I have a few pairs and my only advice to you is that - walking on a rocky road is quite difficult for the wedges! I lost balance and fell (twice) in my wedges. But I can reassure you that they are much comfy than the pointy skinny devil heels! :)

Tips: Get the lighter wedges! I used to have this pair of quite heavy wedges, and by the time I got back home I felt like it weighs a ton and my calf muscles were all popped up! Almost have a muscle strain. And for your info, that wedges were only worn once! Lesson learnt and all my current ones were just nice in weight! <3