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Monday, 13 May 2013

Naughty Neon - the Shoes Craze

Bright colours for the Bright Summer!
Tank tops and short shorts! Under the hot weather we want to stay pretty. I've mentioned about Neon some time back, and I can tell you my collections of neon accessories have been piling up! Bought a pair neon pink flats recently and here I want to share more neon shoes with you all! :)
Don't necessary to be full neon. A hint of neon can add in the fun flavour!
My advice is that - if you are wearing a pair of full bright neon shoes, go with simple dressing. A simple T with shorts, or with your favourite pair of jeans! It adds in more personality. :)
But if you are in the party mood, look at how the Korean play with the colours!
Hope you all like it! <3