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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Not just the normal Black & White with Lines

Who told you that Black & White is outdated?
It is not. And never will be.
The Classy style will go on. And it will be more and more classy.
Never dull, it's just how you're going to wear them!

Korean stars have shown how they can play well with the Black & White. Be it with the checkered, the stripes, the lines, you can be formal or casual. And to be funky, pair up with some loud colours! (Neon works well too!) Either accessories or a shocking coloured leggings, how can you not be the trendy one that catch people's attention? ;)

If you think just Black & White is nothing new, stay tuned and I'll show you how to play around that next time! :)

One of my favourite Korean stars - Lee Joon Ki :)