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Friday, 14 June 2013

Skin Care - Episode 1 Bye bye dirty pores!

Summer days are Sunny Buzzy Wizzy. As temperature goes higher, our pores on face gets bigger. Oily face with enlarged pores, how unglamorous that can be for us! How can we take control of our pores?

One of the products in the market that target specifically in dealing with enlarged pores is the Korean brand Etude House – Wonder Pore Fresher. The fresher works well in shrinking enlarged pores and firm up your skin, and the cinnamon, lotus and germanium extracts helps to control excessive sebum. One thing I like about it is it’s really simple to use! After cleansing, you just have to use an appropriate amount on cotton pad and wipe gently over your face. Do it both morning and evening, and you’ll see the difference!
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For ladies who put on make-up, normal facial cleansing might not help clean up your pores totally. Wiping your face with Fresher on cotton pad can help remove the excess residue and clean up your pores better!

Some people said that after using the fresher their skin becomes softer. To me, I don’t see much of the softer effect, but I am happy with my pores getting cleaner and less visible after using it for a week. Even my blackheads were not so visible now! After using it for almost a month till now, my face is less oily and thus my makeup can last longer for the day as well!


Remember, the key to inner beauty starts from the most basic – cleanliness and skin condition. Once you have that, you’ll be all the way gorgeous, whether with make-up or none!

My Tips: Get a good cleanser is important as well. I have to admit that I spend quite a bit on skin care products as I see that as a lady, it’s always good to upkeep since young rather than trying to REPAIR when we get old.

P.S: If you are using the Wonder Pore Fresher, what I do at night is that I use more generously of it and pat gently (to let my skin absorb slowly). After that, a moisturizer will help to maintain the hydration level of my skin!

Hehee…Every once in a while I use the Laneige Multiberry Repair Pack Mask, and sometimes I even sleep with my Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to pump up the hydration level of my skin!
Source: from Laneige website

My Small Note: Sorry I was lazy taking photo and uploading photo so I used a short cut by using photos available online! Lazy me!