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Friday, 21 June 2013

I am a Hot Hot Pants

Hot pants for the hot summer. A simple hot pants can make you a sexy goddess. Believe it or not, the most important element here is your nice and smooth sext pairs of leg. It would be an extra point if you have a hot (firm) butt! :)
P.S: Girls, exercise and firm up your butt! It's all worth it!

You can go for a bikini top, or a (little transparent) Big T, show off your tummy if you have a flat one. Nothing too exposed, it's just all about our confidence that shines :)
Not just the normal denim hot pants can make you special. Be bold with the colors, or even with floral prints, your own style to be explored! :)

Key to have a pair of sexy legs? - exercise and tone up your muscle. My Australian housemate once told me that you just have to run up the stairs everyday (we stayed in 5th floor) and your butt will be firm and sexy. :) P.S: on top of that, I use moisturiser (whitening ones) after shower, and I do DIY body scrub once every week.

Tips from my Taiwanese friends: if you have to shave your legs, choose the right products and do scrubbing and moisturising to prevent from pores getting bigger. You know you want a smooth and silky overall effect!

Alright, the next time, I will share with you on more short pants, but the semi-formal ones!

Have a great weekend!