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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines' Special - Nail Art DIY

My Singapore friend came visiting and she will be staying with me for the next few nights.
It had been a while since we last catch up and hence we have been talking non-stop, exchanging juicy gossips and of course, we talked about the V-day. For two single ladies like us, before we meet our prince charming, we know we have to love and pamper ourselves in this special day too! And when she saw my collection of nail polishes, she suggested that we should try doing manicure for each other. Sounded fun and we started to look for some ideas online.

Special Day. V-Day. A day that is to filled with love. Whether you are single, attached, or complicated, one should never stop loving oneself. ;) So I decided to do a cute heart shapes DIY manicure for her - as a wish for her love life to be filled with sweet happiness very soon!

DIY steps:

Some Online Samples as reference:

As for me, she said it's going to be a surprise, with a big grin on her face. I have no idea what she is up to, but it's V-day, a special day to love and to be loved, the design does not matter that much anymore.

Happy Loving Day!