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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Have your Sassy Curl

I have always admired the big wavy long hair on all the celebrities over the years.
It's so feminine, and yet it adds a tone of 'naughty' and 'fun' element.
When I was younger, I used to look at some posters, with models having long wavy hair.
You can tie up and make a wavy pony tail, sassy and sexy.
You can let it down, still sassy and sexy.
You can use a hair band, or tie with a scarf, and you'll still be sassy and sexy.
So how can I miss this product?
Especially when I really hate to sit in the saloon for hours just to make my hair curl nicely.

My friend bought this last week and I was thrilled to tried out yesterday.
It was awesome! Easy to use and the curls were gorgeous.
Everything was automatically done, and within 30 minutes, a nice volume of curls on me!
Just have to clip it on the top part, and it will automatically 'slurp' in your hair!

Totally love it! >> It lasted for the whole evening until I wash my hair.

Girls, if you like to have sassy curls, you can consider this easy do-it-yourself curler~

(The brand my friend bought was Babyliss Pro Curler. - quite a lot of youtube video demonstrating)

Hope you'll enjoy the sassy curls too! <3