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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Feel Radiant - Part 1

It is not easy to keep your skin radiant. Whether you are fair or tanned, the most appealing effect is that every light reflect nicely on your skin. If you are looking tired and dull, it's time to keep up with your cleansing regime!

Don't skip the basic cleansing steps twice everyday!
Cleanse -->  Toner  --> Moisturizer
This is the key steps that we all shall not be lazy with.
Do it everyday morning and evening for maintenance and that helps to prevent breakouts!

** Choose the right products for you depending on your skin condition **

But how do we know if we have dry or oily skin? 
Many of us get confused as the signs can be quite misleading.
I once have a friend who thought that she has oily skin so she bought all the products for oily skin.
Turn out to be - She has dry skin but as her skin gets drier and drier, her body reacted and started to secrete more oil to lubricate it. And the more she use her 'oily-skin' products, the more oily her face turn out to be!

Avoid this mistake. Test it yourself!

1. Wash your face with warm water. Don't add in any soap/cleanser.

2. Pat dry your face with a clean tower.

3. Keep your face dry for half an hour. Stay indoor and don't do much vigorous activity that will result in sweating. Just stay indoor and keep calm for 30 min.

4. After 30 min, touch your skin to see if it's oily or dry. To confirm, use a soft tissue to wipe your face.

  •     If it is brownish or yellowish -- > oily
  •     If you see white flakes and your skin looks a little tensed --> dry
  •     If nothing change --> Perfect or Combination skin

Coming up next ---> We'll check out how to enhance your skin and keep it hydrated! Stay tuned!