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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cool for the Cool

Sorry for being quiet lately. Too many things happening and I was swamped with work.
Moreover, I spent quite a bit of money last month on my skin care products so I have to put a pause to shopping and fashion until I get my next pay. :(

Many places are starting to roll out autumn season fashion trend, and before the real cool weather comes, I have to stay cool and not spend for another month before I head out to hunt for my goodies.

No no no. Not hunting for guys. Hunting for the cool fashion trend I am talking about! I love the suave look when they wear on the trendy jacket. I guess guys might have less option than girls to accessorise themselves, but having the one cool jacket should be one of the wow-wow factor in their wardrobe. I like to wear with a manly touch sometimes, that makes me feel like a detective, or secret agent, hehehe super cool~ ;)

And I have to admit something. Though I am super broke now...I went the buy the above white jacket a few days ago, and now I have to feed on bread for the next few days...