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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Too Cool For School - For the Glamorous Rock Star

Recently I have been looking at cosmetics. There's a new Korean brand that caught my eye. Too Cool For School - they are positioned more like a Rock Star in the cosmetics kingdom. Not the sweet Etude House or the Natural Innisfree feeling, they go more like mysterious Rock Star but still - Sweet and attractive!

The shops are not brightly lit, a little bit mysterious but somehow lure you in naturally to check out what they have. Product packaging is very tempting. They made some of products really like what we use in the art class! Very tempted to try many of them. The blusher was the first that caught my eye!

The other product that I would want to try is the Egg Mouse Pack. Looks really delicious right? It feels like after I use it my face can be soft and smooth like a hard boil egg, or maybe can be as delicious as the whipped cream on the pancakes! :)

The sales lady told me I just have gently massage on my face and rinse off with water, it helps blood circulation and smoothens out and brightens the skin, leaving a moisture feeling. She said that helps to improve our skin texture so make up can be put on with an extra glowing effect.  I have not tried it but I will definitely keep you girls updates! 

Will share more soon! <3