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Monday, 5 August 2013

Crystal Eyelashes

Have been super busy helping my friend for her wedding!
From hairstylist, make-up artist, nail art arrangements,
to the gowns, accessories and even stocking, every single detail has to be well taken care of,
just to ensure that the bride can walk down the aisle in the most gorgeous way.
The whole process was beautiful, and this time round, I found something to make me more happy -
Crystal Eyelashes.
I seldom wear fake eyelashes. And I find them rather uncomfortable. I have to be gentle all the time, and even blinking I have to make sure I blink gently softly and sweetly. But this time round, when the make up artist helped me with the crystal eyelashes, I felt amazing, and I feel like a real princess. :)

I was amazed by the result. My eyes look amazing, with the extra sparks, though I wasn't the bride, I was dancing like a princess under the light. Make-up artist told me that if you want to show off your crystals, put the emphasis on your eye makeup, and the rest just make it sweet n simple. She put on a very pale lip colour for me, and a puff of blusher, poof poof and I became a princess.

I am going to keep one or two pairs with me. 
Who knows, one day, when I meet my prince, I can be a real princess. ;)