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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Maxi Love - Episode 2

Some of my friends think that maxi dresses are plain. Other than the prints that you can choose from, there's actually many ways to present the dress in your very own way! Be more creative and let me share some ideas of how you can transform your dress into different style!
Above: This is one of my favourite. I used to have a yellow one. Very bright yellow. A simple flowy material that you can wear it just by itself to look carefree, you can go with a belt, or even wear a top over it! Sometimes when I don't want to catch too much attention on street, I wear a black top and let my hair down. With my sunglasses on, my brother said I look like a cool supermodel trying to be low profile! :)
If your maxi dress is the the super flexible ones that you can wear many them in many ways, pair them with different belts and you get a totally different feeling. A thicker belt shows off your slim waist, a slim one give a more sweet and intimidating look. Try them out and look out for the one you like! If you're not using a very outstanding belt, go with a nice pendant or long necklace. I seldom wear both belt and long necklaces as I find that too overwhelmed on me. But if you have a nice slim long body, you'll still look gorgeous.

The other way is to wear a top over your maxi dress. If you want to create a tucked-in look, you can use a think belt to help do the trick! If not, go with a  light Korean scarf. Casual and sweet! hehe my favourite scarf was a black scarf with off-white skeleton heads prints. When I put that one I feel like a secret agent. ;) So the pattern of the scarf can determine your look as well!

Last but not least. You can get maxi skirt. I would definitely recommend a bright colour one. That makes you more special. (If I still have shopping budget this weekend, I'd look for the bright pink maxi dress shown in the left picture above! Can't resist the pink and the flow! )

Have fun! Stay Pretty!